Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We had a 2 year old boy who was found to be very near sighted (myopia). He cried the whole time no matter what treats we presented him with; this child have developed a condition called Ambylopia and with severe myopia, and this is very difficult to learning in school, because they CANNOT SEE TO LEARN! Often times children with this condition simply drop out of school. At the end of the day.......

So, I strongly suggested, parent must play an very important role, to bring their child to the nearest Optometrist Eye Center for regular check up. Because children wouldn't know about the symptom, and they couldn't tell parent "how strange my eyesight are......", at the end, crying is the only reaction of eyesight uncomfortable.

Children Eye Care

Give your child a clear vision of a great school year!

We all want of our kids to do well in school, even if we define success differently. 

For some families, success means top marks and glowing report cards, for other families it means a happy child who enjoys going to school. However you define it, school is a huge part of your child’s life and it's important that kids be provided with the best possible experience there, to keep their love of learning alive.

As you are gearing up for the new school year, what’s one thing you can do to give your student a great start? You can get their vision and hearing checked by a certified Doctor of Optometry.

The symptoms of vision problems are easy to miss, or are often attributed to another cause. 

A Doctor of Optometry doesn’t merely check your child’s vision. He or she will also look at eye health and muscle control as it relates to vision. Problems in these two areas often have no symptoms, but if left untreated, they can have very detrimental effects on your child’s vision. As with so many health concerns, early detection of eye problems gives the greatest possibility of treatment.

Convinced? Here are the steps you now need to take:

1. Find a Doctor of Optometry.
Check out the Doctors of Optometry website to find a doctor near you, then call and book an appointment. In British Columbia, annual eye exams for kids are covered.

2. Prepare your children for the exam by telling him or her what to expect.
Let your children know that they will be looking at some pictures or letters and that the doctor will shine some light in their eyes. Assure them that it will not hurt and you will be with them the whole time. If your children are anything like the kids in my family, you may want to mention that a Doctor of Optometry doesn’t give needles — that should make the appointment a little more enticing. 

3. Show up at the appointment well-prepared.
On the day of the appointment, be sure you have your child’s health card. You may want to bring along a comforting toy, snack, or other distraction to keep any waiting time light and cheery. And that’s all there is to it. Such a simple step that could have such a big impact.

Keep those eyes healthy so your children can keep enjoying their journey!

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  1. Thank you, you had delivered a very important message to us..... children couldn't tell parent about their eyesight problem, yet, if parent are careless, that will be harmful to their children eye......