Monday, September 8, 2014


Sunglasses is an important accessory during the hot summer. Since Malaysia perpetually is a hot country, thus, wearing sunglasses is quite normal. The only abnormal is douchebags wearing sunglasses in the shopping centre. Actually there are various brands of tinted glasses, but most of the people would rather buy Rayban.

If they have some extra pocket money, Wayfarer is their best choice perhaps. And, if you insisted stylo, Clubmaster will be recommeded. The problem is, even these 2 branded sunglasses is famous, but infamous to have it, because it doesn’t show the significant and unique of the sunglasses, many people wear cheap version of tinted glasses, and Damansara Uptown already stacked on the market.
So what to do? Maybe you can choose to buy some designed with futuristic sunglasses. And this is Diamond Collection designed by Anastasia Su and 13&9 Design. An Unisex Sunglasses that look stylo with the frame with geometric illusion. Really NICE! Isn’t it??

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