Thursday, September 25, 2014


Wowza! I have been scoring the internet for cute frames…and eBay has been the longest of my haunts. I wasn’t finding anything that I was really feeling; the shapes seem to be the same, the colors just blah.

I decided to change my search tactics up a bit and started entering things like ‘crazy frames’ and ‘fashion eyeglasses’ and ‘unique eyeglasses’. I finally found some frames, but unfortunately they are out of my budget. WAY out of my budget.

Even so, BOZ frames have got to be the dopest, most funktastic and original frames on the planet thus far. For the longest time, I had been lusting after some Zoetica Ebb-type glasses, but BOZ has her Tokyo boutique glasses beat out 100 million times over.
The frames I found on eBay were $400. I did a Google Search on BOZ Glasses, and found a site which offered plenty of different styles and I nearly had a glee induced stroke from all the wacky colors, offbeat designs and was in disbelief of how ME these glasses are.

Unfortunately, I dont have $400 to plunk down right now for these miniature works of art. I think I may need to start squirreling away some cash here and there to save up for one of these puppies, because BOZ frames have totally captured my heart!

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