Monday, September 8, 2014


Choosing sunglasses can be an exhausting task, though. Depending on your face shape and stylistic inclinations it can be hard to weigh your own instincts against the opinions of friends and shop assistants. 

Aside from just face shape, there are four aspects to consider when trying on glasses and sunglasses: fit, size, colour and shape. 

Glasses Face Shape

Fit seems intuitive – you want a pair of glasses that sit comfortably on your face and nose without sliding around or sitting too tight they cause headaches.
Size is related to fit in so far as you want to choose a frame that does not create an unflattering silhouette by being either too wide or too narrow for your face. 
With colour you want to choose a shade that brings out the best in your appearance – ie. If you have red undertones you’ll want to choose a frame in a contrasting colour to help disguise your imperfections. 
And finally, when choosing a shape you need to keep in mind how the frames look against your overall face shape including how far down the lens will sit on the cheek and where your eyebrows fit – whether in, around or above the frame.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course, and says nothing of how an eye prescription will change based on the size and shape of your frame. However, if you keep in mind your face shape as well as the four keys, fit/size/colour/shape, you’re well on your way to a perfectly fit pair of glasses. 

If I were to boil it down I’d encourage you to just keep in mind where the frames sit on your face (eyebrows too high/low against the frames) and width – too narrow and your face will look disproportionate, too wide and you’ll look like you’re wearing your big brother’s glasses.

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