Thursday, September 11, 2014


Kirk and Kirk, a new company founded by Jason and Karen Kirk, makes its debut with the Vivarium Eyewear collection. The frames are handmade in France from acrylic to create a unique color palette in such autumnal hues as anthracite, blue, brown, bordeaux, green and silver, all with a metallic finish. Frames are accented with pins crafted by British artisans in 925 sterling silver and 9-carat gold. What appears at first glance to be a classic trim is actually a three-dimensional animal head—a lion, horse, ram or fly. “Our objective with our new venture is to respond to expectations, but to surprise at the same time. What we are hearing over and over is ‘we want something different.’ Making something different is relatively straightforward. Making something different that people can sell is somewhat more of a challenge. And that’s what we hope to do,” says Jason Kirk. 

Carson in Blue with silver fly detail from our Vivarium Collection - Malaya Optical
As with brilliant Beam collection a couple of years ago, Vivarium is made of acrylic, which makes it lighter than acetate. The frames are handmade in France while the animal jewellery pins have been crafted in England and are made of sterling silver or 9 carat gold.

Frames top to bottom: Darwin, Curie and Gilbert, featuring gold horse pins.

What a great feature - Malaya Optical

Owen in Silver with silver fly detail from our Vivarium Collection.
Forget glasses with plain pins in the top corners of the frame. Forget the ubiquitous lozenge shape rivet that dominates the mass market. And opt instead for an intricate fly or a horse inspired by Victorian natural history collectors .

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