Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hi all, just don't know whether did you guys noticed about Google's Glass Eyewear? 

Google's high-tech glasses could use a bit more style.(Credit: Google)

Those of you who think Google Glass eyewear looks a bit geeky may be in store for a more fashionable approach.

Google is chatting with eyeglass maker Warby Parker to bring a touch of style to Glass, the New York Times said today, citing its sources as "two people briefed on the negotiations."

Neither Google nor Warby Parker would comment on the reported talks to the Times. CNET contacted both companies for comment and will update the story if we receive any information.

A startup company that's managed to raise a lot of cash, Warby Parker is known for its trendy but high-quality eyewear. Google Glasses may be high-quality but they're not exactly trendy.

The frames themselves look a bit odd without actual lenses. And the viewer through which the user sees virtual information still resembles something found on a Borg drone.

Some people who have worn Google Glasses in public have received odd reactions, marked by one instance of a sarcastic bartender in high-tech San Francisco, according to the Atlantic.

The goal is to sell Google Glasses to mainstream folks, not just techies. As one example noted by the Times, Google has been playing around with adding sunglasses and prescription lenses to the frames.The challenge now is for Google make the glasses fashion-friendly and less an object of ridicule in public.

Google's Glass designers have also been striving to add more style on their own, the Times added. The glasses first came in black but now come in other colors. They're also much lighter, while the high-tech hardware has gotten smaller.

To drum up more interest in Glass, Google has launched a contest asking "bold, creative individuals" to become Google Glass explorers. Participants have to fill out an application explaining what they would do if they had the glasses. Winners are then invited to order a Glass Explorer Edition, though it'll cost them the full $1,500 plus tax.

And the cost is another challenge faced by Google. The average person who shells out a few hundred dollars for a smartphone or tablet may balk at a price tag of $1,500, even for high-tech eyeware. But Google has said that the glasses will cost less than the initial price when they officially hit the market next year.

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Bilton’s Take: With Google Glass, “you don’t have to pull your phone out. It’s just fascinating,” he said. “You can take pictures with a camera above your eye. You can’t even come up with this stuff.”
Becky’s Take on Google Glass: “Google Glass is kind of creepy. Also, a little rude like someone checking their phone when you’re having a conversation. But then again, if they can help me remember someone’s name at a party. Yes!

Of course, this is just some information sharing regarding the google glass eyewear, and it is nothing related to our eyesight.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


To see something clearly, the light coming from the object we are looking at has to be focused on the retina at the back of the eye. This focusing is done by changes in the lenses in our eyes, just as a camera lens has to be adjusted for near and distant objects. 

A relaxed normal eye will naturally focus very distant objects. When looking at something nearby, special muscles change the shape of the lens, which is quite flexible, so that the image is focused precisely on the retina. This change in shape of the lens is called accommodation. 

As we get older, our lenses lose their flexibility and ability to accommodate. Focusing on close objects becomes increasingly difficult. This is why many people with 'normal' eyes will need reading glasses some time after the age of 40. This is a natural process called presbyopia.

In short-sightedness (myopia) the relaxed lens focuses distant objects somewhere in front of the retina and they are not seen clearly. Glasses or contact lenses with special lenses which 'diverge' the light are needed for distant vision, often from an early age. However, when close objects are looked at the lens does not need to change its shape, which is why people with myopia often never require reading glasses. 
In long-sightedness (hyperopia) the opposite occurs. Distant objects are naturally focused behind the retina. However, the eye muscles, through accommodation, alter the lens shape and glasses are often not needed initially. Close objects are also seen clearly because of increased accommodation. However, as the lens loses its flexibility this increased accommodation cannot be achieved. Thus long-sighted people will need reading glasses at a younger age (often around 30) and may eventually need glasses or contact lenses for distant vision also, as the ability of the lens to change its shape gradually declines.
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Hi there, good day! So, today I would like to talk regarding the sunglasses for MEN...... 


With summer in full swing, it's normal to be spending most of our free time outside, doing at least one of our favourite warm-weather activities — hanging out on cool cafe terraces, casual biking in the city, and spontaneous weekends out of town.
Thankfully, spending more time outside means soaking up a long-needed dose of fresh air and sunlight, both of which tend to be in short supply during the colder seasons. But while these are welcome benefits of summer, longer exposure to the sun can also have some disadvantages. For starters, bright light and harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause temporary and long-term damage to your vision, and squinting your eyes for long periods of time can induce unnecessary headaches. Because of this, if you like spending any time outside, you should think about equipping yourself with some of the best sunglasses for men.
Not only do sunglasses serve a very practical purpose, but they can really pull together that summer style you're going for. Various quality brands have experimented with frame shapes and lens colors to come up with some of the best current outdoor eyewear looks. The countless options could actually be a little overwhelming — that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve broken our 21 favorite models of sunglasses for men down into three categories, based on style and ordered by price, to help you determine your best options. This list does not compromise style or functionality, so you can have fun with a great summer accessory.

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